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The Personal Greatness Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Our workshops are designed for teens and twenty-somethings and the people who work with and support them. Our founder, Cory Chadwick, works directly with you to engage, inspire, and empower you to be your greatest you.

Personal Greatness starts here.



Personal Greatness starts here. The Core of Personal Greatness takes a stand against mediocrity. This program is for teens and young adults who have endless potential but aren’t sure how to fully realize it. We help them develop game-changing skills and tools to navigate a quickly changing world with confidence and become the most authentic, resilient, and self-empowered version of themselves.


This isn’t your standard team building exercise. We believe that great teams are created when great individuals come together with great culture. Created exclusively for teams and coaches, we bring out the best in your players, and bring your team together like nothing else. This program is a must for any team wanting to bridge the gap between good and great.


We love teachers. That’s why we’re proud to offer staff-only training. This program is for any teacher who wants to have a huge impact in the classroom and truly change the lives of your students. We discuss communication strategies for better student-teacher relationships, help you define your leadership role in the classroom, and work with you to develop skills and tools to live and lead as your greatest you.


The Core of Company Greatness is for forward thinking companies and organizations who are ready to turn managers into leaders, help their young employees realize their true potential, and create happier, healthier, and higher performing cultures.