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The Personal Greatness Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


We help you harness your Personal Greatness and Live Your 10 with your personalized

Optimal Operating SystemTM

What's an Optimal Operating SystemTM?

Just like a computer, human beings work on an operating system

It's at the core of who you are and it's responsible for your thoughts, decisions and actions – which lead to the results you get in life

Everything from your happiness, health and confidence to your performance at work, in school or sports, to stress levels, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to lead – is impacted by your operating system

As technology changes, your computer's O/S requires regular updates & upgrades to perform at an optimal level (it would make no sense to use an outdated operating system, right?)

But as the world changes, most people are still working with the same operating system humans have had for a long, long time

The good news: it gets the job done

The bad news: it's hardwired for basic survival and mediocrity

To step into your greatest you and Live Your 10, your operating system needs an upgrade too

That's why we created The Personal Greatness Project and The Mental Gym – to upgrade your personal operating system, and help you become who you've always believed you could be