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The Personal Greatness Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Greatness Conversations

Would you like Cory Chadwick, founder of The Personal Greatness Project, to speak at your school, company, or event?

Each and every one of us has gifts, abilities, and talent that makes us exceptional, yet it’s so easy to get trapped in a cycle of mediocrity and never fully realize what you’re truly capable of. Cory knows this well: he’s been there before. In his unique, honest, and thought-provoking presentations, Cory shares his story about his path from good to great (the highs and lows and everything in between). No matter what your group’s needs are, Cory educates, inspires, and connects with his audience, while outlining proven techniques to set them up on their journey towards Personal Greatness.

For more information or to reserve your Greatness Conversation, please CONTACT US HERE


​​​"​You really made a difference to these kids - you're not like ‘other motivational speakers’ who just talk at you. Thank you so much for coming in and changing their lives."

Rosh Abdullah - Leadership Facilitator, WE Take Action Camp (ME to WE, WE.org)