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Upgrade to Greatness: Exclusive Mentoring Group

Are you tired of feeling average and are you wondering if you have the potential to be great?

Do you have important decisions to make about your present and future, and wondering how you can believe in yourself and while making the right choices for you?

Do you want to believe in something, have someone believe in you, and be a part of something that matters?

You’re in the right place!

Welcome to The Personal Greatness Project's Exclusive Mentoring Group. Upgrade to Greatness is for anyone in their teens and twenties, or anyone who supports and works with teens and twenty-somethings. Together, we bridge the gap between who we are and who we're capable of being.

If you’re ready to take a stand against mediocrity and grow from good to great, we’re here to help.

This group gives you direct access to Cory Chadwick, founder of The Personal Greatness Project, who helps you find the answers to even your toughest questions. Together, we upgrade your Optimal Operating System (OOS), and help you make great decisions while navigating a quickly-changing world with confidence.


If you’re looking to become the most authentic, resilient, self-empowered version of you, Cory will help you Live Your 10 (your happiest, healthiest, and highest performing life) and become the person you always knew you could be.

Ask questions. Share stories. And know that even though it probably feels like it, you're not alone. Everyone in this group shares common experiences, is wondering about the same things, and is ready to find the answers they’re looking for.  

We’re excited to have you!


As a member, you’ll:

  • Be able to ask any questions and have them answered directly by the Personal Greatness Project’s founder Cory Chadwick

  • Be invited to a live weekly video Q&A with Cory

  • Have access to exclusive tips, tools, and videos

  • Discuss real life stuff and get support from others experiencing the same things you are

  • Participate in group and individual challenges to level up your personal greatness

  • Celebrate Everyday Greatness with features of real members

  • Get ‘Member only’ rates for group and private mentoring 

All for only $39/month!

(+ hst)

Not ready to Upgrade to Greatness yet?


No problem! You can still follow The Personal Greatness Project on Facebook and Instagram for FREE videos, stories, lessons, and tips for Living Your 10 to help you realize your own personal greatness. The best part? You have 24/7 access to support from other greatness-chasers while you’re creating a life you’re proud of.

  • Personal Greatness Project Instagram
  • Personal Greatness Project Facebook