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The Personal Greatness Project

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lead.  Matter.

Become your best you.

Live Your 10

mental gym

We help good people be great.

The Personal greatness Project

Here's what you already know:

  • It feels like something important is missing (but you can't put your finger on it)

  • You have untapped potential and it feels like you're meant for more

  • You want to be confident and be a leader

  • You’re here to make a difference – an impact – and be a part of a community that matters

  • Choosing to become the best version of yourself and Live Your 10 just makes sense (and settling for mediocrity doesn't)

But you might NOT know:

How to get from here to there, and how to become who (deep-down) you've always believed you could be

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal


It's not like they taught you this stuff in school!

Welcome to:


The Personal greatness Project

We help good people who are meant for more Live Their 10 and become who (deep-down) they’ve always believed they could be

Learn more:

What's a Mental Gym?

It's like going to the gym for your mind, and your potential


Instead of working out your body with dumbbells and treadmills, you’re working out your brain with the practical tools, system, community and guidance needed to be your best you

This isn't therapy we help good people be great!

The results show up in your day-to-day life more than any regular gym ever could

And we do it all in just one hour, once a week

"I can say for certain that this is undoubtedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life"

Cole M.

Sales manager, amateur musician, Crossfitter

Still wondering if it's for you?



Hear what people are saying!


James M.

CEO - Northwest Security Services, Food Lover, Raptors Fan

What’s so incredible to me is it’s like Cory re-wired me to want to make the right decisions for me. Tough choices became simple ones. Doing the ‘hard’ thing became easy. It’s like I’m consistently replacing my bad habits with good ones, and it’s easy to do because of my upgraded operating system.

Now I eat right, sleep better, and exercise regularly. I’ve already lost 27lbs – I’ve never felt better and I just keep going. I’ve quit smoking entirely, and I don’t even crave a cigarette!

I used to get triggered, stressed, and overwhelmed – now I feel calm and in control.

I’m measured and deliberate in how I think, talk and act – I’m just more comfortable in my own skin and with myself as a leader, not just as a manager.

I’m becoming the person that deep down I always believed I could be. It’s hard to explain how much that means to me.

Gracen M.

University Student, Artist

The impact of this change of mindset has been incredible. It’s like you’re in the dark for your whole life when suddenly the fog lifts and everything is so clear about life.


Honestly nothing really compares to what I’ve experienced at the Personal Greatness Project because nothing had ever touched me like this before.

Travis R.

Hockey Coach, Teacher, Husband

You’re always thinking, I’m good - but am I good? Because there’s always more. Even though I’m at a good spot in my life, there’s always that next step – and what is that next step?

Now you’ve made me think before my actions take over. There’s a step in between. It’s helped me find balance. It’s been good for me as a coach, as a person.

The better I can feel about myself, the more secure I am, the more I’m able to help these kids and really listen to what they need.

I’m a big believer in what you do – I’m a big advocate. I think it’s awesome.

It’s so important. It’s so important trying to think the right way and live the right way. It’s crucial. I could go on and on but it’s so important… Just talking about it I feel like I want to go run a mile now!


100% do it, without question, without hesitation, do it!

Cole M.

Inside Sales Manager - AT&T, Amateur Musician, Crossfitter

I can say for certain that this is undoubtedly the most important thing I have ever done in my life.

Having figured out my core values made my life immeasurably easier to go through, helping me on the road to find my ever-changing purpose.

These lessons aren't something we are taught anywhere in school, in work, (or by) family – at least not in my experience. The major issue with that is, these are by far the most important things I have ever learned, but (until now) I clearly had no idea.

David P.

University Student, Physics Enthusiast

I admit I felt like it was a risk going into this, but as soon as we started I knew it was the right move... This program has helped me grow as a person immensely. It will change your life. I really can't recommend it enough.


I feel rewired – my operating system was upgraded – and I developed an intuition for making good choices for me, that aligned with my goals and who I want to be.


Instead of guessing it’s like there’s a guided cohesion – a path that you intuitively know you want to follow. 



Marina S.

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

There is no way to fully describe how impressed and grateful I am for The Personal Greatness Project… it’s changing my life.


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