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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Personal Greatness Project takes a stand against mediocrity. We show you who you're really capable of being and help you become the greatest version of YOU.

Our unique mentoring programs empower teens and twenty-somethings to discover who they are and what they want out of life.

We help you develop game-changing skills and tools to make clear, confident decisions about your present and future, realize your true potential, and Live Your 10 as the happiest, highest performing, most authentic version of you.



The program (helped me become) a better me. Cory never talked down to me, never made me feel stupid, and never made it seem like I didn’t belong in the program…The way I react to situations has changed for the better, my outlook on my future is so much brighter, and by learning how to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses, I stopped criticizing myself over things that didn’t matter in the long run. I’ve become so much more comfortable with myself as a person – much more confident, less stressed, (and) more willing to just be me.


Whether you’re in high school, college or university, on a team, or part of the job force, we help you harness your Personal Greatness and Live Your 10 by creating an individualized Optimal Operating System.





  • Figure out WHO YOU ARE, how you fit in, and where you're headed next?

  • Unleash your true potential and become the greatest, most authentic FUTURE YOU?

  • FUTURE PROOF yourself for a quickly-changing world, navigate life in an optimal way, and make great decisions about your present & future?


  • ELEVATE YOUR HAPPINESS, well-being, performance, and success - while decreasing stress and anxiety?

  • Learn how to take risks, build resilience, and BOUNCE BACK FROM ADVERSITY even stronger than before?

  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and lead with confidence, empathy, accountability and purpose?


Your Personal Greatness is Waiting

To step into your greatest you and Live Your 10, your operating system needs an upgrade, too. That's why we created The Personal Greatness Project – to upgrade your personal operating system. 

Just like a computer, human beings work on an operating system – it's at the core of who you are and it dictates your thoughts, decisions, and actions. As technology changes, your computer requires regular upgrades to perform optimally. But unlike your computer, our operating systems haven’t been upgraded which means you’re still working with the same operating system humans have had for thousands of years (btw, it's hardwired for basic survival and mediocrity).



Whether it’s individual, group, or team mentoring, Cory Chadwick, founder of The Personal Greatness Project, personally oversees the development of your personal, organizational, and team greatness.


We offer live workshops, speaking engagements, and mentoring (via video-conferencing) to help you step into your Personal Greatness from anywhere in the world.

Through guided practice and understanding in a safe, inclusive space, we help you Live Your 10 (your best, happiest, and most fulfilled life) and discover Personal Greatness on your own terms. We talk real talk about real life stuff - nothing is off limits. And we never tell you how to think, what to do, or who to be: you decide that for yourself.


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Like many of our clients, I struggled throughout high school and university trying to figure out who I was, how I fit in, and where I was headed next. I always felt that I had potential, but I didn’t know how to live up to my own expectations and those of others. I just felt lost.


My teens and twenties were a roller-coaster of life-altering events. I realized how easy it could be to let my circumstances define who I was, but I didn’t want to be a victim of my situation. I wanted to Live My 10: find out who I was capable of being and live my greatest and most fulfilled life. But to do that, I knew I had to take control and not settle for anything less than what I really wanted.

Once I married my amazing wife and my sons were born, I knew it was my mission to share the strategies I used to make my own life successful. I want my sons to grow up to be great men – empathetic leaders, critical thinkers, and great decision makers. I want them to know how to unlock their potential and never settle for feeling average. And I want them to grow up in a world where the people around them are empowered with this same understanding and drive. That’s why I created the Personal Greatness Project—to help young people everywhere step into their greatest selves and help make the world a better place for my little boys, and for all of us.




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